Government & Other Clients
Our Mentoring Solutions produce intended results because of Collaborative Planning and appropriate Training.

Our Mentoring Solution helped the Air National Guard implement Formalized Mentoring to enhance its nation-wide diversity initiative. At 30 Units/Wings across the USA, mentors at higher Levels helped proteges at lower Levels develop Leadership Competencies needed to advance:

  1. Competencies for Leading the Institution (highest Strategic Level)

  2. Competencies for Leading People / Teams (middle Operational Level)

  3. Personal Leadership Competencies (lower Tactical Level)

Our Mentoring Solution helped the Ontario Public Service reduce employee turnover by matching proteges with mentors in other departments so they could make lateral moves – and stay in OPS happily working in a new position, instead of leaving. An example of Cross-functional Mentoring at its best.

Our Mentoring Solution helped the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) rectify specific employee dissatisfaction that was identified via a Cultural Audit.

Mentoring Government Client