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We're letting you in on three secrets to our service success:

1. Collaborative planning

2. Training both partners together to jump start relationships

3.  Having a solid business case for the program.


Here's a few more service considerations. Let's use a cooking metaphor to illustrate.

>Good design service is like peeling back the layers of the onion. There may be organizational issues you overlooked that lie beneath the surface and can get between you and success.

>Typically, an organization or group considers a program based on the perceived needs--much like the outer layer of the onion. Easy to spot; however, this 'presenting' issue doesn't always lie at the heart of the matter. Imagine what can happen if this layer of the proverbial onion is not uncovered, understood then successfully blended into the process.

>If we were to extend the metaphor, we might imagine  a cook in the kitchen relying on the wrong recipe and boiling the onion when frying it is called for. Translation: perhaps the organization's need is for a coaching program rather than mentoring one and vice versa. In the end, you want the "dish" to turn out right!


Below is an overview of 5 Mentoring Solutions services clients have tapped into.

What are your program challenges & needs? Contact us.

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