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Our vision

We believe a mentoring program ought to give value for all the time, expertise, emotional commitment and money invested in the program. Don't you?

  Some people imagine mentoring program success is an easy matter. After all, seems like every day another program is launched and is mentioned online.  Surely this must mean anyone can piece together a successful program. Help people find the right mentor. Correct?

   Not so. Let's look at how some organizations and groups attempt this. One common approach is to simply let things "happen". After all, what can possibly go wrong?  Participants ought to know how to make the relationship positive and productive. Yes? Let's have them fill in forms and do a form of self-matching, then wish them good luck. Ought to work well, right?

   There's a couple of problems with this. People often do not know how to make it work. They aren't the mentoring relationship experts. What they ought to get is a program with the right balance of support, guidance, and training. Often this is not what happens in practice.

  Other program developers believe their version of a mentoring program is just fine, thank you very much. No tweaks needed.

   Interestingly, some clients have been honest enough to bring us in to fix a program that has flaws.

  Fact is, each organization, cohort and location is unique which means there's always room for enhancement. Social and economic conditions change. Technology shifts. Organizations and goals alter. Participant profiles vary over time.

    Whether your program is not yet launched or is at a later stage, here's how we can help: we have listened and reflected on what tens of thousands of those involved (participants, coordinators, organizers and sponsors) have to say about their mentoring programs.

  When we work with clients, we draw from our long experience across the globe and in many fields. We understand the challenges of designing and running programs. Our client list attests to this.

  We've come away with decades of insights that can help you with your program. Contact us today to chat about the possibilities.

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