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Clients & Services Overview
For over 150 clients, we've provided Collaborative Planning, Mentoring for Results Partner Training, and Mentoring Assessments.

Since 1978, we've provided Customized and Turn-key Services for a wide variety of Corporate, Education & Government clients:

  • Collaboratively Planned over 150 different Mentoring Solutions with key stakeholders to gain input & support.

  • Trained over 20,000 Mentor-Protege Partners so that mentoring actually begins during Partner Training.

  • Trained over 300 Mentoring Coordinators and Trainers.

  • Evaluated results (via focus groups & statistical analyses).

What have we learned?

  • Include Best Practices from Education (appropriate "interventions") and from Corporations (produce "intentional results").

  • Formalized Mentoring Programs produce better results than Informal Mentoring based on "special chemistry."

  • Formalized Mentoring Programs need a trained Coordinator.

  • Training Mentoring Partners develops relationships faster & achieves more goals.

  • Systematic Coaching is needed to develop Competencies.

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