Mentor New Hires
Overviews how mentors equip new hires with what they've learned and empower new hires to use existing talents to make contributions.

Nearly every organization provides Orientation or Onboarding for its New Hires.  Because ...

  • Few New Hires know the "tricks of the trade" and "best practices."

  • Most New Hires are idealistic because they lack practical know-how.

  • Some New Hires perceive themselves as professionals who should know what to do or at least be able to figure this out – and thus won't ask for help.

  • Some New Hires with the latest "technical savvy" clash with wily veterans.

  • Few New Hires know where they can use their talents to make unique contributions in their new company.

We can design a Formalized Mentoring Program and train Mentor-Protege Partners so New Hires learn how to deal with these challenges and many more:

  • Mentors learn how to equip Proteges with what they've learned from years of practical work experience.

  • Mentors learn how to empower creative contributions that Proteges want to make, which utilize their talents & diversity.

  • Such mentoring actually begins during Partner Training.

This reduces costly turnover enough to pay for this Mentoring Solution

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