Mentor Career Development
When career advancement is not possible, keep proteges engaged with Career Expansion Mentoring and Career Exploration Mentoring.

In the past, Career Development prepared employees for Career Advancement up an Organizational Hierarchy comprised of 12 to 15 or more levels.


But, this "corporate ladder" has been reduced to 5 to 7 levels. Now, fewer advancements are possible.


So, we help organizations provide creative Mentoring Solutions for:

  • Career Expansion – Proteges take on special challenges that enable them to make contributions that engage them – and reduces their turnover.

  • Career Exploration – Proteges explore career options and possibilities, so they make the right decision for themselves and the organization.

  • Career Development – Proteges prepare for transitioning into new positions.

We can design a Formalized Mentoring Program and train Mentor-Protege Partners so that:

  • Mentors equip Proteges with what they've learned from years of practical work experience.

  • Mentors empower creative contributions that Proteges want to make, which utilize their talents & diversity.

  • Mentoring actually begins during Partner Training.

Career Development Results

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