Mentoring Relationships that Work   (eBook)
Our Mentoring Courses teach how to train mentoring partners so mentoring relationships work better. Lots of examples are described.

Why read Mentoring Relationships that Work by Dr. William A. Gray when there are over 300 other books written on mentoring? Only Dr. Gray's eBook is based on over 40 years of experience in the field of mentoring.

If you are a mentor, you will learn how to equip and empower proteges, so they achieve desired goals. You learn will learn how to save your valuable time by mentoring more efficiently.

If you are a protege, you will learn how to request mentor assistance you need, and convert Talk into Actions that produce Results.

If you are the mentoring coordinator, you will learn how to produce benefits for proteges, mentors and the sponsoring organization.

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Mentoring Relationships that Work

Table of Contents
Chapter 1:  Why Informal Mentoring Practices Won’t Improve Your Mentoring Relationship
Chapter 2:  Why Mentoring Relationships Work or Fail
Chapter 3:  Mentoring with the Right Style
Chapter 4:  Mentoring for Results
Chapter 5:  Situational Mentoring
Epilogue:  Answer to “Test Scenario”


At the end of each Chapter, key concepts and skills are summarized as:

  • Summarized Tips for Mentors

  • Summarized Tips for Proteges

  • Summarized Tips for Mentoring Coordinators and Champions