Protege Needs Inventory
Proteges / Mentees identify specific needs and talents. Mentors identify corresponding expertise. Enhances Goal Attainment.

Protege Needs Inventory™   [PNI]

Identifies the most urgent Needs and corresponding mentor Expertise, so partners can quickly decide what to focus on as Goals to achieve.

A PNI is needed for each person. Provides 16 Tips for Proteges & 16 for Mentors.  Self-administered in 15-20 minutes.


Different corporate versions available for mentoring proteges at different stages of career development:


PNI for New Hires 

Lists 28 Needs related to adjusting to a new job and 29 needs related to preparing for the future.  Mentors help Proteges get up to speed faster, improve work performance, become a contributor, and accomplish other Goals.

PNI for Career Development 

Lists 67 Needs related to planning and organizing, managing others, communicating and interpersonal effectiveness, expanding skills, and more.  Mentors help Proteges develop personally and professionally.

PNI for Developing Leaders 

Lists 67 Needs related to acquiring/using intellectual capital, emotional intelligence, leading the organization, and more.  Mentors help Proteges develop needed competencies and utilize existing talents.

PNI for College Students 

Lists 79 Needs related to academic performance, adjusting to college, getting involved in campus activities, personal challenges, social and cultural problems, and work-career goals.  Proteges identify specific Needs; Mentors identify corresponding Expertise they can provide. This reduces student dropout and enhances success and graduation.

PNI for New Teachers  

Lists 58 Needs new teachers experience while adjusting to the school, community, classroom, and the profession.  Proteges identify specific Needs; Mentors identify corresponding Expertise they can provide.  This aids Teacher Certification and works much better than the traditional “sink-or-swim” approach to entering the profession.

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Protege Needs Inventory

Higher ratings indicate Needs to improve. Mentors aid improvement by equipping Proteges with what they've learned from greater experience.

Lower ratings indicate existing Talents to employ. Mentors empower Proteges to make contributions by employing their Talents .