Mentoring Style Indicator 
Enables mentors to provide appropriate assistance, which proteges / mentees will accept and use.

The MSI assesses the Four Mentoring Styles displayed in Gray's Mentor-Protege Relationship Model.


The MSI indicates the style of assistance a Mentor likes to provide & a Protege likes to receive, so appropriate assistance is provided and utilized. This promotes goal attainment and enhances mentoring relationships.


The Informational & Guiding Mentoring Styles equip Proteges with what Mentors know.


The Collaborative & Confirming Mentoring Styles empower what Proteges want to learn, do and become.


MSI was the first mentoring assessment to appear in O.K. Buros’ Mental Measurements Yearbook.  Over 400,000 purchased since 1982. Self-administer/score/interpret in 15-20 minutes.  Each Mentor and Protege needs own copy. 


Available in customized versions with Situations that match who Proteges are:

  • MSI Generic Version

  • MSI for New Hires

  • MSI for Career Development

  • MSI for Developing Leaders

  • MSI for College Students

  • MSI for New Teachers

  • MSI Leader’s Guide


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