Mentoring for Results Partner Training
We've trained more than 20,000 Mentor-Protege Partners so that mentoring actually begins during Partner Training.

Mentoring for Results® Partner Training Workbook [Can be used to train only mentors.]


Contains field-tested activities that enabled over 20,000 mentoring partners to develop good relationships and achieve desired goals faster.


Mentoring actually occurs during Partner Training because:

  • Partners develop Mentoring Style Flexibility.

  • Mentor uses 6-Step Mentoring Process to help protege handle a challenging situation.

  • Partners identify protege Needs & mentor Expertise.

  • Partners create a Mentoring Action Plan.

  • Partners sign a Mentoring Agreement.

Trainer’s Guide for using MFR Workbook   

suggests seating arrangements, detailed lesson plans, questions to ask/ participants ask, gives scripts for each activity. Over several decades, this Workbook has reduced preparation time for hundreds of Trainers.

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