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Mentor College Students
Overviews how mentors help college freshmen succeed academically and stay in college.

Nearly every campus in the USA has a Mentoring Program to help freshmen make that difficult transition from high school to college.


Why do college freshmen need mentoring?

  • The freshman drop out rate is 33% and is 65% for college freshmen from minority backgrounds.

  • You may have been a "big fish" in a smaller high school, but are only a "little fish" on a much larger college campus.

  • You will likely have difficulty feeling like you "belong" in this unfamiliar environment.

  • The amount of reading and assignments are much greater, so you cannot cram for tests or do all your homework at the last minute.

  • You will need to learn much better time management and how to deal with distractions.

  • Unlike in high school, most of your college classmates will be as bright as you – or brighter.

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Mentor College Students Benefits

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