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Situational Mentoring  (eBook)
Our Mentoring Courses teach how to employ 4 Mentoring Styles to provide Situational Mentoring.

Situational Mentoring has enabled over 40,000 mentors and proteges to employ four Mentoring Styles in a flexible manner – so mentors equip proteges with what they know (wisdom, practical know-how, etc.) and empower what proteges want to learn, do and become.

Situational Mentoring prevents “getting stuck” overly using a Preferred Mentoring Style. Mentors stop dominating proteges or expecting them to figure out what to do when they cannot. Proteges stop being too dependent or so independent they won’t heed mentor’s wise counsel.

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Dr. Gray's Mentoring Style Indicator® was the first mentoring assessment to be included in O.K. Buros' Handbook of Mental Measurements (over 25 years ago).

Situational Mentoring

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Why Situational Mentoring?
Chapter 2. Equipping + Empowering ==> Successful Protege
Chapter 3. Mentoring with the Right Style
Chapter 4. Mentoring for Results
Chapter 5. Applying Situational Mentoring
Chapter 6. How Proteges Can Manage Situational Mentoring
Chapter 7. Mentor-Assisted Enrichment Projects Enhance STEM Education

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