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Mentor Leaders
Appropriate mentoring can develop leadership competencies at all stages, from new hires to executives. Collaborative Planning is key.

Leaders can be developed at all levels. Our Mentoring & Coaching Solution for the Air National Guard [ANG] did this. Mentors helped Proteges at lower levels, develop Leadership Competencies needed to function at that level.


Successful Proteges then received mentoring to develop higher level Leadership Competencies. This ensured successful leadership performance at all three levels – which is essential for defending the U.S. Constitution and its citizens.

We can design a Formalized Mentoring Program and train Mentor-Protege Partners so that:

  • Mentors equip Proteges with what they've learned from years of practical work experience.

  • Mentors empower creative contributions that Proteges want to make, which utilize their talents & diversity.

  • Such mentoring actually begins during Partner Training.

Leadership Competencies

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